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According to the Joy of Cooking, "Bacon is usually made from fat-streaked pork belly. The best bacon is dry-cured and then smoked; however most bacon available at the supermarket has been injected with brine and smoke flavoring."  (I give you one guess what Dark Hollow Bacon is.  ;-)  "You can distinguish dry-cured bacon from the other, lesser bacon because it is firmer, and will not exude liquid or shrink as much when cooked."


"Most bacon is made with curing salt, which contains sodium nitrite. A traditional preservative, curing salt is also responsible for the characteristic flavor adn pinkish color of bacon, ham, corned beef, and other cured meats. Unfortunately, studies have found there is a risk of sodium nitrite foruming minute amounts of carcinogenic nitrosamines when fried. In response to this health concern, some bacon is now made without the use of curing salts, and may be labeled as uncured or "no nitrates or nitrites added." Uncured bacon may simply be pork belly that has been heavily salted (which tastes like salty roasted pork and fools no one), or it may be brined with a [natural] mixture that contains celery juice powder, a vegetable-based source of nitrites."  Again, one more guess on what we use for ours. 


Fine. I'll tell you just to clear up any confusion. Ours is dry-cured, unlike the "lesser, supermarket bacon" (Joy of Cooking's words, not mine. ;-)  and cured with celery salts.  Go ahead, try it. You will not be disappointed.  

American Style Bacon

1 Pound
  • At this point, we do not ship. However, we have frequently traveled routes between Virginia and East Tennessee. If you are near these two states, please contact us to arrange delivery. 

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